20 July 2016 (Wednesday) - NHSBT Newsletter

The e-newsletter from NHSBT arrived this morning. It followed its usual format
For Action
1.1 “Save one O D Neg a week” campaign and O D Neg Toolkit
For Information
2.1 SHOT Annual Report for events reported in 2015
2.2 Patient Information Leaflets and Educational Resources
2.3 National Paediatric Conference
2.4 Haemoglobinopathy Genotyping Initiative – close of project
2.5 New genotype tests and pricing at IBGRL
2.6 Replacement of 3 part paper issue note and OBOS Development
For Training
3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses

Whilst it was all quite interesting (for once!) I found myself intrigued by the need for more O Neg blood. Being O Neg myself perhaps I might become a donor again…

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