30 June 2016 (Thursday) - HCPC e-newsletter

Issue 64 of the HCPC’s e-newsletter “In Focus” arrived in my inbox today. Some months it is quite interesting, other months it can be rather dull.

It started off with an article emphasising the importance of raising concerns. Whilst I realise just how important it is to raise concerns when they are valid, part of me can’t help but speculate whether there is maybe a little too much of this unnecessarily going on.

There was talk of revised standards of conduct for students, and concern was expressed that social workers will have their own body and no longer come under the remit of the HCPC. There was another article about how the four UK governments are talking about reforming the regulation of health and care professionals.
Is this the end for the HCPC with each profession effectively going its own way? Time will tell. – Perhaps it isn’t as the States of Jersey have asked the HCPC to get involved with their health care.

There was also talk about research into fitness to practice concerns and allegations. Apparently paramedics and social workers get proportionally too many complaints.

And there was a survey in which registrants were asked what we thought about the process by which renewing registration took place. I started the survey out of interest and (in all honesty) wished I hadn’t as I had no real interest in the subject.

Mind you for all that his wasn’t one of the more enthralling e-newsletters, this certainly wasn’t one of the worst.

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