1 July 2016 (Friday) - IBMS e-newsletter

The IBMS e-newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning. Sometimes it is more interesting than others.

It started off with an article about the IBMS AGM. There’s no denying that I nearly gave up at this point. For all that there are people who work tirelessly for the IBMS I can’t pretend to be in any way interested in the corporate things they are doing.

The next article was advising that students ensure that the degree courses they are taking are IBMS accredited. A valid concern for the students, but not for me.

The third article had promise; a link to all sorts of courses. However those that were relevant to me were either not very local, or were rather expensive. For example the Cosmos Biomedical CPD scheme looked good, but not forty quid good.

I rather gave up at that point…

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