2 June 2016 (Thursday) - NHSBT Newsletter

The latest communication to hospitals from NHS Blood and Transplant arrived by email today; it is on-line at http://hospital.blood.co.uk/media/28342/the-update-june-2016.pdf

As always its contents came in three sections

For Action 
1.1 Ordering patient information leaflets and educational resources order details
1.2  Standing orders in OBOS
1.3 Last chance for testing haemoglobinopathy samples at no extra cost 

For Information 
2.1 New British Society for Haematology Guidelines
2.2 Blood Stocks Management Scheme Educational Roadshows  

For Training 
3.1 Annual SHOT Symposium 2016 Registration Now Open
3.2 Training & Education Events and Courses  

It made for interesting reading. I was particularly intrigued by the need for Ro blood (cDe). Surely rr (cde) does the same thing and is more readily available?

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