20 April 2016 (Wednesday) - HCPD e-Newsletter

The HCPC e-newsletter arrived in my inbox today. In the past I have been less than complementary about it.
There was an interesting article about the duty of candour; being open and admitting when mistakes have been made. Personally I’m ambivalent about the matter. On the one hand I can see that we should be open when mistakes are made and they should.
But on the other hand does advertising our failings not just give ammunition to those in the media who make a living out of glorifying our failures?

There were several things mainly only of note to other professions managers.

Mind you the last part looked interesting; views will soon be being taken on registrants’ views on the use of social media. I must admit I’ve seen some quite inappropriate stuff posted by some rather senior people (*not* from my Trust I hasten to add) over the last few weeks. I shall be interested to see how this consultation proceeds.

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