27 December 2015 (Sunday) - Morphology Quiz

The Clinical Laboratory Blogspot used to run morphology challenges. Looks like they’ve started again.

2 years old girl from Spain has been in fever over a week. She is very tired and crying a lot. In primary health care center basic blood count, peripheral blood smear and CRP was taken. CRP was 12 mg/L. In FBC leukocytes were: 17,0 x 10E3/μL, erthyrocytes 4,2 x 10E6/μL and Hb 100 g/L. Blood smear was sent to central laboratory and the findings are in the image below. Those mononuclear cells covered 70% of all leukocytes in the smear.

Can you identify these mononuclear cells?”

Well I thought they were a monocyte and a lymphocyte. And then I got wondering. Would it be that simple? And I started doubting myself. But I was right.

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