3 August 2015 (Monday) - IBMS Newsletter

"This month has seen two fascinating insights from IBMS members into the work of our profession. Allan Wilson discusses misconceptions about public screening while Becky Haywood is raising money for Ebola orphans after working in Sierra Leone. Amongst biomedical scientists there are thinkers, doers, communicators, teachers and pioneers. It’s why we ask you to help find the UK’s leading practising scientists in 2015.
Congress 2015 is shaping-up to be a huge success with 1,600 scientists already attending the 3 day event. In July we announced a career expo for students and a programme of talks exploring emerging technologies that will transform pathology.  This is in addition to our quality conference and programmes of scientific events. It is a Congress for everyone involved in biomedical science"
I'm sorry... I still find it all rather irrelevant to my daily round. Perhaps I should contribute something to it myself rather than just grumbling?

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