20 April 2015 (Monday) - The Historical Record

Here’s something which, although I knew it, illustrates a point.

Name:TRACY, VIRGIL              Group & Abs A-      <*ABS*  <SRPAD>

Diamed Group      Clinically Approved By M.L. ESSO
 Confirmed Group                A Rh(D) Negative

 Coded comments :
 PLEASE NOTE Delay in providing x-matched blood possible
 Free text

Previously identified anti-Jka not detected on this occasion.

It’s quite possible for blood group antibodies to reduce in titre to the point of undetectability. As is the case here. In cases like this it’s vital that the history be available so we know the patient has an antibody record.

In this particular case if no history was available it’s possible that an incompatible transfusion might have been given.

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