1 November 2014 (Saturday) - The Error Budget (?)

Food for thought...

When you set a financial budget, you know that if you spend too much in one place, you run over your budget. The analogy for lab tests is an ‘error budget.’ We know we have certain sources of error like precision and inaccuracy. How much of the budget gets spent by different error sources, and is it possible that we will overrun the budget if a problem occurs?”

Well, we have information on that, in the form of what quality is required for the test. If you define that in your budget, then you can measure the errors for your methods in the laboratory to be sure they fit within the budget. That should be an ongoing part of quality management: keeping track of how big these errors are and how they relate to the amount of error that is allowable.”
An interesting interview with one of the leading lights in the QC analysis world... http://www.captodayonline.com/lab-qc-much-room-improvement/

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