18 September 2014 (Thursday) - Anti-Fy(a)

A group and save sample came in shortly before the day staff went home this evening. The diagnosis was "abdo pain" which is rather vague. The outcome could be anything from the patient going home following a good fart through to massive blood transfusions following extensive surgery for a myriad of reasons. Such samples shouldn't really wait around.
This one had a positive antibody screen. The antibody identification panel showed anti-Fy(a) by IAT technique and was negative by enzyme technique (as one might expect for anti-Fy(a))

This was a known antibody, there had been several previous encounters. therefore referral to a specialist centre wasn't necessary on this occasion.

Blood wasn't requested on this encounter; had it been required there shouldn't have been too much trouble providing it. With about a third of the population being Fy(a) negative and the patient being O Rh(D) Positive statistically we would expect to have about seven to ten suitable units in the blood bank.
Statistics notwithstanding I had a rummage in the blood bank just to be sure we could provide something in an emergency.
We could...

A couple of references are always good in a little case study:


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog (which I really enjoyed!) whilst researching some help for the IBMS Specalist Portfolio. I can see you've provided some questions and wondered if these are for public use and if I could incorporate them in to my work? I also have some other questions (if you don't mind) and I couldn't find any way of contacting you expect via comments! I can provide you with my email if you have time for some queries. Thank you :) Nic

  2. Hi - I'm very happy to help. Please feel free to drop me a line at david (dot) styles at gmx (dot) com