9 June 2014 (Monday) - HPC Newsletter

The latest "HPC in Focus" magazine came out via email today. It seems there's to be a revision to the Standards of Practice for biomedical scientists like me.
The new stadards can be seen here.

I can't help but feel that whilst there is a serious need to document exactly what is expected from a healthcare professional; it's perhaps not such a sensible idea to try to have a "one size fits all" approach with the standards. A healthcare professional who has face to face contact with patients constantly (such as a chiropodist or a physiotherapist) will have different expectations and requirements to someone who does not (such as a pharmacist or me!!)
Take for example the new standard #5 "be aware of the impact of culture, equality and diversity on practice". Someone who has face to face contact with people must be far more aware of the diversity of their patients than I am because they actually see that they are a diverse bunch... to give but one example.

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