20 May 2014 (Tuesday) - Red Tape...?

The Government has launched an initiative to try to reduce bureaucracy in everyone's daily working lives; the "Red Tape Challenge" which has already simplified the workload of hospital pharmacy departments

Since I last worked in blood transfusion on a regular basis the amount of paperwork in that field has gone through the roof.
The suggestion has been made to amend or do away with much of the blood quality and safety regulations.
Admittedly this article is now a couple of years old, but it makes for interesting reading. Mind you I'm a little concerned that whoever moderates that website (presumably some Whitehall official) has seen fit to censor some of the replies.

What do I think on the matter.... There is clearly too much paperwork at the moment. A not insubstantial amount of this is duplicated between the various bodies and agencies regulating us. Much of this paperwork is unnecessary in the twenty-first century - much information gathering could be automated by improving the I.T. systems used in blood banks. And there is quite a lot of work going on which fulfils the letter (but not the spirit) of the law.
Perhaps the regulating bodies might reconsider exactly what is required in the regulation of a blood bank, and question how what is being done today "because the regulations demand it" actually benefits the functioning of the department or the public well-being in any way.
I suspect those making the regulations are rather distant from those having to apply them.

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