1 May 2014 (Thursday) - Another Discrepant Blood Group

An interesting case - look at the blood group card. Mixed field in the anti-B. Before running off at tangents with aquired B and chimeras I looked at the historical result. Patient is known to be B Rh Neg.
Again looking at the historical results I found this from two and a bit months ago:

Name: RAMJET, Roger         Group & Abs B-
DoB:10/10/1910              Requested 09:2024/02/2014
Address: In a house               
Specimen No : TK435292P

G052 513 657 217 B O- RED CELLS LEUCOCYT 24/02/2014

G072 414 119 964 C B- RED CELLS LEUCOCYT 25/02/2014

G052 514 216 369 T B- RED CELLS LEUCOCYT 25/02/2014

Antibody Screen Negative

Clinically Approved By M.L. Esso
One unit of group O blood was transfused two months ago. And that small amount is still detectable now...

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