8 March 2014 (Saturday) - Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science: Weekend Haematology Challenge

Weekend Haematology Challenge


CASE: 36 years old, HIV positive woman from Hyderabad, India has been suffering weigh lost and low grade fever during last months.Now she has nontender, erythematous, papulonodular lesions all over her body. Laboratory findings included anemia, leucopenia and hypergammaglobulinemia. Peripheral blood smear findings are in the picture.

Can you identify these leukocytes?
What are the other findings?

 Correct answer will be published here tomorrow morning at 07:00 (GMT+2)

It would be very easy to blag this after the event, but I shall publish before the closing date.

The leucocyte to the right hand side is an early neutrophil, certainly right shifted though probably past the metamyelocyte stage. It is toxically granulated. The leucocyte to the left is a granulated monocyte. Though small for a monocyte it has too much cytoplasm to be a lymphocyte.
The excessive granulation would suggest an acute infection is taking place.

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