29 July 2011 (Friday) - Portfolio Success

Today was rather successful at work: another of my trainees had a successful pre-registration portfolio verification.
That’s six that have passed in the last year, and twelve pre registration portfolio successes altogether. When you bear in mind the ten students who qualified via the old “Blue Book route”, that’s been quite a few trainees over the years. And today’s twenty-second was every bit as nerve wracking for me as the first was (all those years ago).

Did I get anything from today – did I learn anything? Yes: I wasn’t impressed with the examiner.
When I verify a portfolio I arrive at the candidate’s lab at 9am. And if that lab is a long way away, then I get up early. I’ve done some assessments which have had me on trains before 6am before. Today’s verifier came from London (which is forty minutes on the high speed train) and didn’t get to us until 11.30am.
He was pleasant enough on the verification process, but when delivering his verdict to us he seemed to delight in dragging out what he had to say; slowly going through pages of his report, word for word. When I’m verifying I tell them pass or fail straight away. (I did fail one student once…)
And I don’t think the bloke’s grasp of conversational English was quite what it might have been.

I might need to add some more suggestions for the link entitled “On the assessment day” over on my website of advice.

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