17 July 2011 (Sunday) - Facebook

It’s a sign of the times that both the IBMS and the HPC are now on Facebook. Personally, for all that I continually spout drivel on Facebook, I feel that professional bodies such as the IBMS and the HPC should be above Facebook. Or if they must be there, then they shouldn’t be openly available as pages for all and sundry to join.
It is clear that they are not targetting their “proper” audiences as the umbrella parent organisation has two hundred followers, but the smaller subsidiary one had over two thousand.

Take the (current) most recent posting on the IBMS Facebook page from someone who clearly knows nothing of the profession: “I can't wait to be a member of this great institute. Can I join as a Master Student in Biomedical Science.” Master Student – my arse!
I suppose I should be grateful that the HPC’s page doesn’t seem to attract the crackpot element. In fact the HPC writes a blog.

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