April 7, 2011 (THursday) - Specialist Portfolio (Again)

I received a certificate through the post today. Our lab is now certified to deliver training for the Specialist Portfolio. I’m personally very pleased about this, and I’m taking it as a personal success, and a vindication of my way of tackling the specialist portfolio.

Something on which I am very poor is actually spending time with the students to monitor progress. Whilst my entire philosophy is that I give them all the information on a website and let them get on with it, I am very conscious that I do need to actually spend some time with them. I’ve had words with the boss – an hour is to be allocated to me twice a week, which is probably just as well as I have eight (soon to be nine) students working on that portfolio. So (hopefully) I should have one session per student per month.

In the meantime I’ve revised my pro-forma for recording what happens at these monthly reviews.
I just need to make sure these meetings actually happen!!!

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