March 31, 2011 (Thursday) - Specialist Portfolio Presentation

Yesterday I was due to give a lunchtime talk, but a dodgy eye put paid to that. So I gave the talk today to a limited audience. My subject was the operating principles of the Sysmex XE2100 blood counter as part of Section 7.1a of the specialist portfolio, and my limited audience was my specialist portfolio students.
However with nine students (well, eight and one nearly there) getting them all together at any one stage is tricky. I had five today. I’ll do the others tomorrow or next week.

The talk went relatively well but, as one of them said, I was trying to get an awful lot of information over in a very short length of time. I was conscious that I was rather muddled in my explanations of some of the more esoteric points. But hopefully they will have got a feel for the subject, and (as always) the presentation I gave them is available on my specialist portfolio website.

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