March 23, 2011 (Wednesday) - I.T.P.

A very interesting refresher on idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. The speaker was nervous, but did well. To keep these seminars going we need more people who are brave enough to stand up and have a go.

I learned loads. Now the condition isn't "idiopathic" - in many cases we know what the cause is. And opinion has changed dramatically on the preferred treatment. Years ago a friend mother had the condition, which was cured by steroid injections and a splenectomy. Nowadays splenectomies are frowned upon.
Also nowadays we rarely see the I.T.P.s with platelet counts less than twenty which were so common (relatively) ten to twenty years ago. Either medicine has improved, or the cases are referred to other  (non-factory) labs these days. I wonder which it is...

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