March 14, 2011 (Monday) - Websites of Advice

I spent a few minutes tweaking the pre-reg website this morning. I’ve added a couple of supervisor’s affidavit templates. One to affirm competence in workload management & interpersonal skills, and another to generally affirm competence.
I suppose I might go on to add several more of these, but I can’t help but wonder if just one general affidavit might be better than having several more specific ones. But having more stuff from supervisors makes for more evidence in the portfolio, which is usually what the verifier wants to see.

I also had a look at the specialist website as well. It struck me that the advice on how to actually produce the portfolio might be better off being at the top of the navigation bar, rather than at the bottom.

One of my loyal readers has offered to “help with the presentation of the websites”. I’ve given this offer careful thought, but at the risk of appearing ungrateful, I’m going to turn the offer down. The idea of my websites of advice is that they are exactly that – websites of advice. So many websites have flashing lights and Java applets and so many bells and whistles that one can easily lose sight of the object of the exercise. Which is something I’m not keen to do.

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