February 7 2011 (Monday) - An Email

I received an email today from a professional contact who asked me a question. Do I need help with training budget constraints? 
Well, yes. I do. I opened the email to find a range of seminars to which I was invited. Titles of the seminars included:

  • Your Practical Guide to Preoperative Assessment: How to deliver a rapid and streamlined patient preparation service
  • Advancing your Gynaecology Service: Redesigning your patient pathways: overcoming financial constraints to optimise your patient your outpatient provision and workforce potential
  • NHS Clinical Research Collaborations: Working with Researchers, RM&G, Networks and the commercial sector to realise new collaborations
  • Best Practice Guide to Research Management and Governance: Real solutions for implementing sustainable RM&G systems that relieve bottlenecks and achieve consistent governance
  • Structuring Finance for Clinical Research: How to implement, develop and improve your financing processes
  • Redesigning Emergency Care: Delivering Positive Outcomes - Innovative ideas and practical advice for effective service development
  • Progressive Practical Clinical Coding: Keep at the forefront of coding: in-depth and innovative approaches shared
  • Achieving Compliance in NHS Medical Device Regulation: Your practical guide to interpreting and fulfilling regulatory demands
  • Your Interactive Masterclass on Avoiding Litigation within NHS Medical Devices: Practical step-by-step guide to preventing and managing legal action
  • Practical Masterclass: How to Progress your Early Pregnancy Service -Tackle the demands on your service: standards of care, facilities, staffing, patient flow and patient information 
Presumably this sort of thing is financially viable – these courses don’t come cheap. But does nobody do a one day course in practical parasitological or on blood film morphology any more?
Or am I being cynical in feeling that courses these days are aimed at those who have time to go off on courses….

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