February 1 2011 (Tuesday) - Glandular Fever

A somewhat typical case of glandular fever, but none the less interesting for being so. In my set case studies for the pre-reg portfolio I have one on glandular fever. Today’s case can be added to it.

                             Specimen Results Entry

DOB  06/08/1996 Sex F Pat No 123456       Source    Tomato
Address   Her House   
Diagnosis: Swollen glands. Boyfriend with similar symptoms

Specimen No   :  AW101487D              

 HB     13.9   Q000  MONO   2.8    Q000
 WBC    16.3   Q000  EOS    0.0    Q000
 PLT    129    Q000  BASO   0.8    Q000
 RBC    5.04   Q000  G             E000
 HCT    0.440  Q000  ~F1   ^ALAB   Q008
 MCV    86.5   Q000  ~F2   ^FILMW  Q008
 MCH    27.6   Q000
 MCHC   31.9   Q000
 NEUH   1.3    Q000
 LYMPH  11.4   Q000

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