December 22 2010 (Wednesday) - Wednesday Talks

There was no lunchtime talk scheduled for today: so today I reflected on how this year's program of Wednesday talks has gone so far.

We started with minor hiccups where people were preparing presentations at home and were using .pptx format documents which wouldn't open on the trust's software. We have a work-around for that now.
We had minor hiccups when speakers weren't available because of night shift commitments, but I was able to re-schedule.
The biggest problem (that the punters would have seen) was the decision by management to unilaterally cancel one seminar's second session. I have been asked to re-schedule that showing. I will so at some point.

For myself I feel there is still a problem with the talks having to be attended in people's own time. Management allow speakers to speak in work's time. And management allow me to prepare the room, tidy up afterwards and prepare certificates of attendance in works time. However people prepare and attend seminars in their own time. Which is fair enough - it's an established point of law that the onus is on the registered biomedical scientist to do CPD, not on the employer to provide facilities for them to do so.
However I then have a problem when management ask me for a list of attendees so's they can impress the CPA with the in-house CPD program. So far I've refused to provide information on specific attendances at the lunchtime sessions. I feel I am right to do so.

But all things considered, the sessions are going well. We've a program up till next April. I'll see how it goes...

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