December 13 2010 (Monday) - A Letter

I read an interesting article in "Pathology in Practice" today. So interesting in fact that I wrote to the magazine’s editor.


I must admit to a wry smile over the article in "Pathology in Practice" Volume 11 Issue 4 entitled "Microscopes and imaging: a brief independent guide". Specifically the paragraph on page 127: "A good  quality digital micrscope camera with imaging software can be attached to any microscope for as little as £1500".

I have recently obtained a Bresser USB Electronic Microscope Eyepiece from Scopes 'n' Skies for my department:

This gadget has produced excellent quality photographs which students and senior staff alike have used, and far from costing over a thousand pounds, only costs £34.99. It comes with software, but can produce photographs with software as simple as MicroSoft Paint.

Yours faithfully

Adullday Atwork BA CSci FIBMS
Senior Biomedical Scientist
Blood Sciences Department
Saint Swithin’s Hospital

(I feel I should mention that I have no commercial connection with the companies in question here, I merely wish to share what I consider to be a serious economy that can be made)

I wonder if I will get a response…?

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