November 5 2010 (Friday) - The Specialist Portfolio

Over the last few weeks I’ve had success with students having pre registration portfolios passing assessment. However I’m painfully aware that I’ve been concentrating on pre-registration portfolio students at the expense of specialist portfolio students and my foundation degree student. Today I spent some time with my specialist portfolio students.
About eighteen months ago my plan was that I would give them a website to work from, so they wouldn’t need so much regular input from me. And since that time I have periodically worked on that website, including a major face-lift and re-vamp a month or so ago.

This idea has had some limited success. Whilst the students have access to questions and information, in retrospect I've not been fair to them by leaving them to get on with it. They do need input from a supervisor/mentor/me(!). Probably not much input, but more than I've been giving them.

Also on re-reading what I’ve put on that website, I’m not entirely happy with the questions I’ve set. When I wrote them I did so with the required competences in mind. However from my experiences of pre-registration portfolio examinations (in which assessors can’t see what I thought was painfully obvious(!)) I shall revisit my set questions for each section and make them more in line with the required competences.

However, bearing in mind this is over forty sets of questions to re-write, this may take some time….

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