13 May 2021 (THursday) - Transfusion News Update

The nice people at Transfusion News are usually good for useful updates, and today was no exception.
The quality of blood stored for transfusions…

Tranexamic acid…

I’m always grateful for their missives.

RBCs with “Storage Lesions” Are Rapidly Cleared From Circulation and Impact Transfusion Recovery

May 12, 2021
The ability to store red blood cells (RBC) up to 42 days ensures a stable blood supply, and several randomized controlled trials have not found differences in mortality with older RBCs. However, storage lesions, a term used to describe the morphological and physiological alterations RBCs acquire during storage, are highly variable among donors and may be clinically significant. [Read More]


Tranexamic Acid To Reduce Blood Loss after Cesarean Delivery

May 5, 2021
Tranexamic acid is a common antifibrinolytic drug used to prevent blood loss during surgeries and treat heavy menstrual cycles. Several small studies suggest that tranexamic acid may also help reduce blood loss after cesarean deliveries. In order to determine if tranexamic acid, in addition to the standard prophylactic uterotonic drug, would help reduce postpartum hemorrhage [Read More]


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