29 August 2018 (Wednesday) - Abbreviations

Here’s something that is useful… I had no idea there is an “official” list of abbreviations that shouldn’t be used.

28 August 2018 (Tuesday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert

The Transfusion Evidence Alert email arrived in my in-box this morning. You can read it by clicking here.

This article made me think… somewhat at odd to what I’ve been reading lately.

...During rapid ground rescue to an urban level 1 trauma centre, use of prehospital plasma was not associated with survival benefit. Blood products might be beneficial in settings with longer transport times, but the financial burden would not be justified in an urban environment with short distances to mature trauma centres.

27 August 2018 (Monday) - Case Study

A case study - flow cytometry, morphology… finally the nice people at Lablogatory have got themselves back on track on this third post of the day…

27 August 2018 (Monday) - Crisis Management

The nice people at Lablogatory sent their missive today. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t impressed. Today’s article was about crisis management… supposedly. As I read it I could just hear a manager of years ago who saw unexpected disasters in the lab as an excuse for yet more meetings….