22 June 2018 (Friday) - How True...

Here’s something I read on the Facebook Hematology Interest Group; It struck me as incredibly wise, incredibly true, and explains why after thirty years of looking down a microscope I am still hesitant about the thing…

“"Don't complain if the cell doesn't look like in the atlas, you don't look like your profile photo either!!!!

22 June 2018 (Friday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert Update

The nice people at “Transfusion Evidence Alert” sent their update today:

Article of the Month (June 2018)

Selected new publications
Measuring coagulation in burns: an evidence-based systematic review
Marsden NJ, Van M, Dean S, et al. Scars, Burns & Healing 2018. Free Full Text


21 June 2018 (Thursday) - Pathology Outlines Update

The nice people at “pathology outlines” sent their update today. It would be nice if it was as a web page rather than all on an email, but I’m grateful for anything I can get.

There wasn’t *loads* of import in this email, but they have a blog and a Facebook page. I’ve subscribed to both, and am hoping for the best…

19 June 2018 (Tuesday) - Oncologist Update

The nice people at “The Oncologist” sent their update today. As always it isn’t of immediate direct impact to what I do, but it helps keep me up to date on what is going on in what is “behind the scenes” in my world.

I’m grateful for these updates…

19 June 2018 (Tuesday) - Case Study

The nice people at Lablogatory sent a case study today. It was about someone with malaria rolling up at a hospital. It was not earth-shattering, or ground-breaking. But it was a true-life description of something  that actually happened.

This is the sort of thing form which I learn…

19 June 2018 (Tuesday) - BTLP - TACT

I had my appraisal today. As well as building up experience with the new works automation and helping with cross-site harmonisation, I’m to be a guinea-pig for the BTLP-TACT wotsit.

I’ve heard great things about the BTLP-TACT – I’m looking forward to getting involved with it.

18 June 2018 (Monday) - The Lewis Blood Group System

Here’s an interesting little article form the nice people at Lablogatory about the Lewis blood group system and how it can be a nuisance during a pregnancy