30 November 2019 (Saturday) - Acute Panmyelosis with Myelofibrosis

This morning on the Facebook “Hematology Interest Group” there was talk of Acute Panmyelosis with Myelofibrosis. I’d never heard of it. I looked it up – and learned something new…
And there are those who look down on social media.

28 November 2019 (Thursday) - MCV

One of the trainees spotted this today. A patient’s MCV had changed by about ten per cent overnight. Whilst it was a “normal” result, it shouldn’t do that.
We had a really good chat about why this might have been. Did we have the right sample? Had the wrong patient been bled? Were the analysers working properly?
It turned out the sample was over a day old.
I quite like these little ad-hoc teaching sessions.

27 November 2019 (Wednesday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert

The nice people at the Transfusion Evidence Alert sent their email today. As always there was far too much for me to read in one sitting. Iron levels and tranexamic acid were something of a theme in today’ instalment, but my eye was caught by one article which was calling for some formal procedure for the evacuation of injured astronauts from orbit to hospitals.
Makes you think, doesn’t it?