7 February 2020 (Friday) - "Informed" Newsletter

The NHS’s “informed” newsletter appeared in my on-box today. You can read it by clicking here.
I suppose it doesn’t hurt to stay appraised of the big picture…

4 February 2020 (Tuesday) - Fritsma Factor Newsletter

The “Fritsma Factor” newsletter appeared in my in-box today. Always a useful resource, this month it considered the effect of a high haematocrit on coagulation testing, a review of D-dimer assays, treatment of haemorrhage… you can read the update in its entirety by clicking here

2 February 2020 (Sunday) - WHo Would Have Thought?

Well… this made me sit up and take notice
Given a case of HDN who would have thought that breastfeeding would have aggravated the matter?