24 November 2020 (Wednesday) - Not Happy


I’m not happy.
I got the result of NEQAS DM 2005 DF today. When I looked at it some time ago I noted:

Red cells

 White cells  
Blast cells with auer rods


 This bears no relation to what the software says I saw. I suppose having the software crashing half-way through probably didn’t help. I’m doubly frustrated in that the CPD certificate generator won’t let me add any reflective comment…

23 November 2020 (Monday) - DAT NEQAS


I got to do the DAT NEQAS back in September. I got the result today – I got it right. 

While I was pleased about that, why does it take so long to come back? Had I stuffed it up then clearly I would be doing something wrong and would need to revisit what I do on a day-to-day basis. And in the meantime I would have possibly made mistakes on two months’ worth of work on real patients.
I suppose that is unlikely – IQC would show that up… wouldn’t it?

23 November 2020 (Monday) - Rh Phenotypes

I got to do the Rh phenotyping NEQAS back in September. I got the result today – I got it right.

Rh phenotyping in a pain in the glass (as my grandson would say) - for me the tricky bit is getting the suspensions right. It’s effectively double the strength of any other suspension we prepare, but we then only use half the volume that we usually use.
So why not use the usual amount of a usual preparation?

23 November 2020 (Monday) - BTLP-TACT (let's try again!)

I’ve had two failures at BTLP-TACT recently. Firstly I don’t think I understood what their picture meant, and secondly the wouldn’t show me the screen antigram. So it was with something of an air of sulking frustration that I had a go at the BTLP-TACT this morning.
I felt I had to – overnight the post of yesterday’s failures had been viewed fifteen times. Fifteen!!! That’s a lot.

I was presented with just the one case today – a thirty-one year old chap requiring a pre-op group and save.
The chap was A Rh(D) Negative with a negative antibody screen.

I pressed the “select for red cell issue” by mistake… I pressed it again and this seemed to cancel the mistake, I got the green light. Thank heavens for that.

 Much as I am grateful for the use of this blood bank simulator, I find that when I fail on it I’m not stuffing up the blood group serology (I should hope not!!), I am misunderstanding what the software is trying to convey, or having technical issues.
That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.