14 May 2021 (Friday) - ASH Update

The American Society of Hematology sent an update on the latest developments in the treatment of acute leukaemia today. Perhaps a tad too clinical for me, but background information is always good…

Here are the highlights in acute leukemias:

Universal CAR-T Platform Shows Promising Efficacy in Relapsed/Refractory AML
Initial findings from a proof-of-concept study published in Blood suggest that UniCAR, a universal, rapidly switchable CAR T-cell therapy platform, could offer a new treatment option for patients with relapsed/refractory AML.
Next-Generation Karyotyping Outperforms Conventional Cytogenetics for Prognostication of AML
Compared with conventional cytogenetic analysis, NGS-based karyotyping offered greater insight into the prognosis of patients with intensively treated AML, particularly through its ability to better detect copy number alterations.
Cellular Therapies Hold Promise in Myeloid Malignancies
Researchers and clinicians specializing in myeloid malignancies discuss the evolving role of cellular therapies in these diseases and the challenges that need to be overcome before they make it to the clinic.


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