14 February 2021 (Sunday) - Atypical Lymphs in COVID-19

Here’s an interesting article that appeared on the Facebook Hematology Interest group page.

The article on Facebook referred to something published in the British Journal of Medicine, and said “This study was published in the British Journal of Medicine on the Prognostic value of atypical lymphs in Covid patients. It is a scientific research publication, so maybe a little long for some people. No time to read? The Introduction in the beginning and the discussion and conclusion at the end maybe of interest to our members

 Since alacrity is advised, here’s the conclusion:

In summary, this paper has three main contributions:

1.We found that RL circulating in blood in COVID-19 patients are related to a better evolution and prognosis.

2.We demonstrated that these atypical reactive lymphoid cells can  be  detected  by  morphology  in  the  smear  review,  being  the computerised approaches proposed herein useful to enhance a more objective recognition.

3.We found that the presence of RL in COVID-19 patients suggests  an  abundant  production  of  virus-specific  T  cells,  thus  explaining the better outcome of patients showing these cells circulating in blood.

The second point isn’t written very well, but it implies that an automated microscope is more objective and reproducible than one operated by human observer. I suspect there is a lot of truth in that…

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