9 November 2020 (Monday) - Warfarin (?)

Here’s an interesting article from the nice people at Medscape. Cutting to the chase, it ends with saying “To our knowledge, this is the first nationwide investigation to assess how prescribing patterns for oral anticoagulation and AF-related stroke incidence have changed over time and to consider the potential clinical and budgetary impacts. On initial review, the decline in stroke incidence seems to be at the cost of a large direct budget impact. However, because adjustment for annual change in AF prevalence lowered the incidence of hospitalised AF-related stroke in 2014–2017, per-patient costs were reduced at the national level. Stroke reduction may be improved further by better detection, starting more patients on treatment and optimising treatment, and the cost-effectiveness of addressing these opportunities with DOACs should be assessed”.

Bearing in mind that warfarin is used as a rat poison, it never fails to amaze me how widespread its use is.

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