September 7th 2010 (Tuesday) - An Inspection

Today I got to assess a student in his workplace. I quite like this part of my job as I get to go and be nosey where other people work. Being the inspector, people call me “sir” (!) and give me coffee and biscuits, and I remind myself that much as I might grumble about my job, it’s really not as black as I (sometimes) paint it, and that everyone else is in the same boat as me (to coin a phrase).

The assessment I had to conduct took a couple of hours and then I made my way home for a spot of lunch and spent the afternoon making my official report. Perhaps I was too lenient this time? The portfolio was good, in that all the work was there, but the indexing left much to be desired. Good indexing is something I try to drum into my students.

And the workplace… let’s just say that when any kind of inspector visits my place I put on a show….

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