September 6th 2010 (Monday) - At The University

Today was a day out. I had a day in the wicked city. Periodically I have cause to visit the University for various reasons. Today I was there to meet two students whose work I am to inspect over the next couple of years. The idea is that in order to achieve State Registration their work will be assessed by someone at the University and by someone in their workplace. And then I go along occasionally (as an impartial assessor) just to check that all is above board and that there is no shenanigans. So often students are both dull and dreary, or they so clearly feel the need to suck up to me as an assessor. It came as a breath of fresh air to meet my two students who are a lively pair. Once they told me that they were dreading being assigned to “someone normal” we got on like a house on fire.

In the past I’ve assessed completed portfolios in their entirety. As part of the co-terminus degree I assess completed standards, and so revisit the thing several times. This is new to me. I suspect that this is (for the students) a much easier way to complete the requirements of the portfolio. However by doing it in bits, I doubt they will ever have the satisfaction of creating an actual completed portfolio. I may be wrong. We shall see…

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