September 8th 2010 (Wednesday) - CPD talk

For the last four years I have endeavoured to organise a series of weekly lunchtime lectures/seminars. They started off rather successfully, but about a year ago they fizzled out. Management would need the room we used, speakers would let me down at the last minute, the IT was problematical, and it didn’t help that this was done in people’s own time; not works time. I realise that CPD is a personal requirement, not a corporate one, but being given time would have been nice. (that’s a whinge that’s been done to death).

Management have persuaded me to try to run another programme. We’re doing three talks a month, and I started off the talks today with one on what (legally) is expected of us for CPD purposes. With attendance of about sixteen people (in two sittings) I was impressed, and am rather more confident about the success of the scheme than I was before the talk. Let’s just keep the momentum going….

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