September 22nd (Wednesday) - Cardiolipin

After last week’s hiccup with the software we’d practiced beforehand to make sure it all worked. Today’s talk was on anticardiolipin and the antiphospholipid syndromes. I learned loads. Which to my mind demonstrates the usefulness and validity of the entire concept of CPD.

I can remember when I was first employed as a Junior ”A” Grade M.L.S.O. back at the Sussex Infirmary for Distressed Gentlefolk. The senior staff there were about as old as I am now, and it was quite obvious that the knowledge base of many of these senior people was hopelessly out of date.

Being first described in the mid 1980s I never touched on today’s subject matter when I was doing formal work-related study. And without something like CPD it would be possible for me to have continued in my ignorance. On reflection I’m quite grateful for today’s session.

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