September 23rd (Thursday) - The H.P.C.

This evening I spent a few minutes (ten) of my own time revising the set questions on the role of the HPC which I’ve offered as a suggestion as evidence for portfolio section 1a.1 over on my website of advice for students who are tackling the pre-registration portfolio. 
I didn’t like the layout I’d used, and I don’t think I’ve actually seriously revised the questions since I blagged the idea for them from a microbiologist some five years ago.
On re-reading them I had no idea what I was actually asking. I pity the poor students who’ve actually tried to make head or tail of them (!)

Having had a look through and re-worded most of them, I still don’t like the layout, but at least I think I know what I’m getting at with each question. Mind you I now can’t help but feel I should have a suggestion for a set of questions on the role of the IBMS too. I’ll do that later…

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