September 20th (Monday) - Batten's Disease

DOB  10/07/1994 Sex F Pat No 999             Received  13:47
Address   HIS HOUSE                               20/09/2010
Diagnosis known
battens disease on phenytoin
Specimen No   :  AW147418M               

 HB     12.7   Q000 MONO   0.9    Q000                  
 WBC    14.4   Q000 EOS    0.0    Q000
 PLT    197    Q000 BASO   0.0    Q000
 RBC    3.95   Q000 ~F1   ^LS     Q008
 HCT    0.380  Q000 ~F2   ^FILMW  Q008
 MCV    96.2   Q000
 MCH    32.2   Q000
 MCHC   33.4  Q000
 NEUH   11.4   Q000
 LYMPH  2.1    Q000

Batten’s disease is a new one on me. Further investigation shows it’s a disease of a malfunctioning lipid metabolism, and consequently lends itself to being diagnosed by histological staining. Which is sometimes the problem in my line of work. Such glib statements tend to overlook the fact that children with Batten disease become blind, bedridden, and demented before dying much sooner than they otherwise would.

One lives and learns…

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