September 16th (Thursday) - Glandular Fever

An interesting case

                             Specimen Results Entry

HONORAMA, FLETCHER                                                     Queue 
DOB  07/04/1992 Sex F Pat No 666          Source    G.P.   Received  18:23
Address   HER HOUSE                       Clinician JECKYLL              16/09/2010
Specimen No   :  AW126536J               Selected Auth Level : S

 HB     13.7   Q000  MONO   1.6    Q000                   
 WBC    11.1   Q000  EOS    0.0    Q000                   
 PLT    168    Q000  BASO   0.4    Q000                   
 RBC    4.87   Q000  E      5      Q000                   
 HCT    0.420  Q000  G      +      Q000                   
 MCV    85.2   Q000  ~F1   ^ATM    Q008                   
 MCH    28.1   Q000  ~F2   ^FR     Q008                   
 MCHC   33.0   Q000                                      
 NEUH   2.7    Q000                                      
 LYMPH  6.5    Q000                                      

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 Disc: CLIN    Sect: HAEW          The Author      

Note the reversed neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio and the appearance of atypical mononuclear cells in the blood film.
Bearing in mind the diagnosis of “sore throat” and the patient’s age, I suspected this to be a case of glandular fever. I added the test for glandular fever to the request, and my educated guess was right. And in doing this I’ve saved time in the diagnostic process.

And then I found two more almost identical cases. Is there an outbreak?  And then I remembered – schools and colleges are back in session…

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