September 15th (Wednesday) - Lunchtime Presentation

The plan was to have a lunchtime CPD presentation today. Having got to grips with the presentation apparatus last week I had been looking forward to today's talk. But we had a minor hiccup with today's CPD presentation which has illustrated an important point....

People prepare CPD talks in their own time, much as I write this blog. And people do it at home where they (generally) have a far better and more modern P.C. and/or laptop than is available at work. So when today’s speaker brought in her presentation, the Office 2003 software didn't recognise the *.pptx files.
So I've asked people that when preparing a PowerPoint talk for CPD purposes, if they've created the thing at home on more modern versions of MicroSoft Office, could they use the "Save As" option rather than "Save", and to save as an office 2003 compatible file if they are going to bring it in on a stick.
Alternatively they might bring in the presentation on a laptop which we could plug directly into the presentation apparatus.

On a similar theme, yesterday a colleague asked what happens to the CPD PowerPoint files after they are presented. He said he’d like to be able to see the PowerPoint presentations of the sessions that he’d missed. My immediate reaction was that in four years of doing these talks no one had ever asked that before, but he got me thinking. And after a little bit of mucking about, I’ve obtained the use of a gigabyte (or so) of webspace where I shall form an archive of CPD presentations. Provided of course the speakers are happy for me to have their work. This archive is a bit empty at the moment. I’m hoping it will grow with time.

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