September 14th (Tuesday) - Some Mentoring

For once I actually had some time for the trainees, and had a couple of one-to-ones today. One of them has all but completed his pre-registration portfolio. I’m feeling a sense of completion, but probably nowhere near as much as he is.

The other is just about to embark on his pre-registration portfolio, and so over on another CPD project of mine I have a PowerPoint presentation designed to give such students an introduction into what they can expect when doing this portfolio. It’s only a year since I put that PowerPoint presentation together, and already it’s rather out of date. When I get a minute or two I shall put it right. Putting the PowerPoint presentation right is easy. But getting that revised PowerPoint presentation into the website…. I can’t remember how I did that…..

Moral of the story – this website will never be a finished product. It’s always going to be a work in progress. Which, for my personal CPD purposes, is ideal provided I actually keep up the work.

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