3 November 2022 (Thursday) - NEQAS 2205 DM

A month ago I looked at NEQAS digital morphology 2205DM when I said (well, wrote down
Hypochromic microcytic with NRBC, polychromasia, tear drop cells and stomatocytes  
Blast cell (bottom left) with dysplastic neuts  
Plts low but not massively low  
Needs urgent referral, 
I got the results today… 
This film showed circulating blast cells which should prompt you to report the case urgently as a likely representing an acute leukaemia, the additional features of the case should also lead you to suspect a dysplastic element and a possible underlying myelodysplasia. It is vital that the patient has urgent medical review with bone marrow examination, and a diagnosis of probable acute leukaemia should be suggested. The other myeloid abnormalities are important to treatment choice, but should be confirmed when the bone marrow is examined. However, their presence can be taken as additional evidence for myeloid lineage”. 
Bearing in mind just how little information we get when presented with these cases, I think I did OK… 

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