28 October 2022 (Friday) - Batten's Disease

Whilst sitting at the microscope looking at (seemingly) ten thousand blood films I read an interesting diagnosis… “blood film for Batten’s disease”.
Well… what was that supposed to mean?
I had a little look on-line and came up with a reference.
Batten disease is a rare inherited lysosomal storage disorder. Lysosomes are compartments within a cell that degrade substances that are no longer needed. Lysosomes that are unable to degrade wastes as intended, as in Batten disease, allow lipofuscins, fatty granular substances, to accumulate inside cells. This can lead to the formation of abnormal and distinctive vacuoles…
make a blood film. The slide is then viewed under a light microscope. Large vacuoles can easily be detected …
I never knew that… One lives and learns – which is entirely the point of doing CPD.

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