3 August 2022 (Wednesday) - Transfusion Evidence Library Update

 The nice people at the Transfusion Evidence Library sent their monthly update today. Tranexamic acid, updated guidelines, PCC and fibrinogen…

Too much for me to take in. I wish they’d send a smaller update weekly rather than overloading my poor brain…

Top 10 new articles: July 2022

Each month, the NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative provides an overview of the most important new publications in transfusion medicine. All content is sourced from the Transfusion Evidence Library which is free to access worldwide.COVID-19 publications are included in this alert.

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Prophylactic tranexamic acid in patients with hematologic malignancy: a placebo controlled, randomized clinical trial.Gernsheimer, T.B., et al. (2022). Blood. [Record in Progress].PICO Summary available



Effects of tranexamic acid treatment in severely and non-severely injured trauma patients.Ageron, F.X., Shakur-Still, H., and Roberts, I., (2022). Transfusion. [Record in Progress].

Apheresis Technique for Acute Hyperlipidemic Pancreatitis: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis.Lin, Y.F., et al. (2022). Digestive Diseases and Sciences. [Record in Progress].

Transfusion Guidelines in Brain Tumor Surgery: A Systematic Review and Critical Summary of Currently Available Evidence.Rail, B., et al. (2022). World Neurosurgery. [Record in Progress].

Home-based blood transfusion therapy: A systematic review.Rodr√≠guez Corte, J., et al. (2022). British Journal of Haematology. [Record in Progress].

Efficacy and safety of fibrinogen administration in acute post-traumatic hypofibrinogenemia in isolated severe traumatic brain injury: A randomized clinical trial.Sabouri, M., et al. (2022). Journal of clinical neuroscience: Official Journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia.

Propranolol vs. band ligation for primary prophylaxis of variceal hemorrhage in cirrhotic patients with ascites: a randomized controlled trial.Singh, V., et al. (2022). Hepatology International.

Prothrombin Complex Concentrate vs Plasma for Post-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Coagulopathy and Bleeding: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Smith, M.M., et al. (2022). JAMA Surgery. [Record in Progress].

The risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 or developing COVID-19 for people with cancer: a systematic review of the early evidence.Carle, C., et al. (2022). Journal of Cancer Policy. [Record in Progress].

Effective antiviral regimens to reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations: a systematic comparison of randomized controlled trials.Sullivan, D.J., et al. (2022). medRxiv. [Record in Progress].

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