30 April 2022 (Saturday) - Group or Collection


I was flipping through Facebook when I came across a discussion on one of the work-related groups. I say “discussion”, it was more of a contest to see who had had the most obscure blood group antibody at the most inconvenient time. These aren’t uncommon… there is always someone who can trump your “Bombay blood with a massive GI bleed”, but a chap I knew mentioned a case of anti-Er(a).

I’d never heard of this one before, and so looked it up.
Like all blood group antigens it is one in a set of antigens of a blood group system…. But it isn’t a blood group system. It is a blood group collection.
This was new to me… Collections are blood group antigens “which are biochemically, genetically or serologically similar where the genetic basis has not yet been discovered”.

It would seem that being a “system” is a step up from being a “collection”. A trivial distinction? Not really. Such nuances are rather important.
One lives and learns….

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