2 May 2022 (Monday) - Doing the Wrong Thing

Finding myself at something of a loose end I thought I might do another BTLP-TACT exercise. I like to do two a month, so this might get me ahead of the game.
I was presented with one case – an eighty-nine year-old chap requiring group & save.

His cell group was AB Rh(D) Negative, but there was reaction with the A cells. The blood group was therefore indeterminate but Rh(D) Negative.
Was there an anti-M or an anti-P1 or something of that ilk here?

The antibody screen was negative.

Back in reality I would have performed cold antibody panels to see what was causing that reaction with the A cells, but doing so in the simulator would probably confuse the software and give me the thumbs-down.
Would it?
I didn’t like to take the risk so I did that which I would NOT do in reality and just walked away leaving an indeterminate blood group. This gave me the green light which I wanted… but was just another example of where this BTLP-TACT simulator really is still just a work in progress.

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