28 March 2022 (Monday) - UKAS Update

UKAS sent their quarterly newsletter today. I read it… and re-read it. Because I know I should. Because this is the future. But (at the risk of appearing to be an old reactionary) I still don’t see how conforming to these strange esoteric regulations in any way improves the standard of what I do.

The whole thing really does seem to be an end in itself. An inspector once told me that if any given lab got all this paperwork in order than it stood to reason that their core business was also in order. But the fellow was utterly unable to explain how having the entire workforce proficient in speaking Spanish or playing the mandolin would achieve the same thing… even though he openly admitted that his regulations were as unrelated to the workplace as speaking Spanish or playing the mandolin. 

I don’t want to be confrontational here; I just wish someone could explain the relevance to me.

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