18 April 2022 (Easter Monday) - BTLP Exercise


Time for another BTLP-TACT exercise… Admittedly it is a month since I last did one… but I’ve had COVID in the meantime.

I was presented with one case… a twenty-nine year-old chap in A&E requiring four units of blood the next day following an RTA. Immediately I found all sorts of issues here.
If someone is in A&E after an RTA requiring blood, tomorrow is too late.
And the chap’s address was given as “0 Blackwell Crescent”. Who lives in a house numbered zero?

 I decided that these were probably idiosyncrasies of the software and thought it best not to quibble.
He grouped as AB Rh(D) Positive with a negative antibody screen. I selected four units of A Rh(D) positive blood.

 I got the green light, and that's the important bit...

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