14 March 2022 (Monday) - Diagnostica Stago Newsletter

This morning I found that the nice people at Diagnostica Stago had sent me their update last week and that it had been filed as “junk email”. You can read their email by clicking here.

There was an interesting snippet about the launch of their new analyser, but I must admit that I saw red when they started talking about this week’s IBMS conference and that they were hosting a champagne reception. I’ve never been a fan of these so-called “scientific conferences” that plague the working life of a biomedical scientist. When I last went to one the “scientific” bit is all very interesting but rarely applicable to our daily round, and the “conference” bit was openly being abused by many as a chance to go out on the beer with their mates in work’s time and at someone else’s expense.

Hopefully things have changed in the meantime?

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